It is warming up here. I switched the sprinklers on and the kinders dashed in for their swimsuits to run¬†through them. It really isn’t that warm yet – they are fueled on something I am not… This perhaps… In an effort to get more veggies into their bellies I let them choose what we were […]

Kids n’ bikes

Emma is thinking about sports modeling She came out the house ready to ride wearing swim goggles. It was a really funny moment. She is all about function. Said they were to protect her eyes. I talked her into the pink shades. We rode about 4 miles. I think it is time to upgrade her […]


Wesley got his uniform and went to his first scout den meeting tonight. You buy the blue shirt then have all these wee badges to sew on for pack number and area and what rank scout and what-not. I haven’t got the hang of it all yet. It took me ages to sew all the […]

Lowering my footprint

Emma rode her bike to school today and I ran along beside her. Oh my, that was awesome.. School is 3/4 mile away and is just too much for a groggy 5 year old to walk in the morning. It was a piece of cake for her on a bike this morning. She was all […]