The Aftermath

It snowed ALL day in St George yesterday. That is a first since I moved here in ’96. Kinders insisted on walking to school today. Ems would not hear of taking the car. She wanted to wear her moon boots in snow Moon boots make good foot prints. The neighbour girls were up before dawn […]

Stage racing in our backyard

Lots of riding was done the past 4 days just up the road from us.  A 4 day stage race at BrianHead drew some fast riders.  Maybe payouts really do attract riders? Top 3 of Elite Men’s and Elite Women’s Pro field will have equal pay:                                                  Elite Payout as follows:                      Elite Men’s Top 5 Payout: […]

Trans Rockies

Yep not a Trans Utah blog but a Trans Rockies one – similar names but quite different animals. On Friday Dave and I are headed off to Canada to race Trans Rockies. We are registered in the open mixed category. The start list for this category is stacked with World Cup and National podium gals. […]

pre-KT IHT

It has been a funny season as far as race planning goes. Most of the races I have planned to do haven’t happened for me – for a wide variety of reasons. My normal MO is to set a goal, design the killer training plan, train like a demon then go out and give it […]


A few folks have asked if I am having flashbacks to my youth watching Ems do her thing. Here is me at 5 yrs old. Of course I am the dirty one on the bike… Here is me after finishing the E12… See how much I have changed over the years… Here I am on […]