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The Aftermath

It snowed ALL day in St George yesterday. That is a first since I moved here in '96.

Kinders insisted on walking to school today. Ems would not hear of taking the car. She wanted to wear her moon boots in snow

Moon boots make good foot prints.

The neighbour girls were up before dawn to make this snowman.

On the way home from school I stopped by Dave's house which is conveniently located half a block off route.

Ha ha. Caught on the trainer.

I know many are more curious what is behind Dave in this shot so here is a peek. This part of his garage is known as the bone-yard.

This is what happens with a little snow, a lot of caffeine and some sup O2's

Stage racing in our backyard

Lots of riding was done the past 4 days just up the road from us.  A 4 day stage race at BrianHead drew some fast riders.  Maybe payouts really do attract riders?

Top 3 of Elite Men's and Elite Women's Pro field will have equal pay:
  Elite Payout as follows:

                     Elite Men’s Top 5 Payout: $2,500/$1,500/$1,000/$750/$600.  
                                    $500 bonus to the Winner of each Stage!

                      Elite Master’s 40+ Top 5 Payout: $1,500/$1,000/$750/$600/$500.  
                                    $250 bonus to Winner of each Stage!  

Elite Women’s Top 5 Payout: $2,500/$1500/$1000/$550/$400.  
                                    $500 bonus to Winner of each Stage!


JHK, Bishop, Irmiger, Pua to name just a few.  Uh, yea 1 week before the NMBS finals race they are doing a 4 day stage race?  Trebon dnf'd day 4 with blood running down the bridge of his nose. 


A most interesting testament to the current state of XC racing at the top level - and how much these big dawgs care about their NMBS race next weekend ;)


Here they are hitting the first singletrack yesterday (day 4) near 11,000' after 20 minutes of road climbing.



Not an easy race by any stretch, the route day 2 included all of VRRT (which will also be featured in TU), and yesterday had a couple of trips around next weekends XC course, the techy Dark Hollow and Scout Camp trails.  Next year....

Manny leading the pack

Mario charging hard.  He rode minus rear brakes today.  Down Dark Hollow.  Twice (!).

Heather Irmiger topped the first climb ahead of Pua.

Ernie rocking on.  Nice job for a sea level guy!

Pua.  She has found the magic combo this year.




Tinker in the 40+ Elite leaders jersey

Sue Butler looking lean and mean

Most everybody who raced was pumped after the finish. Looks like this race formant is a hit - too much fun to miss out on. Next year we'll have to do this one.

I have a Fever

Finally Trans Rockies fever has kicked in. Last time we raced it in 2006 I was in a fever pitch about the race for oh, about 12 months. This time I have been bleh. So bleh about it, it kinda has shocked me a bit. But the bleh has been replaced with fervor as they finally published a few course details.

Like a map

and like a few numbers

Have I mentioned we are taking single speeds...

Time for a team strategy meeting.

[4:50:31 PM] Dave Harris says: day 1 is something silly like 8k' vert in 34 miles
[4:52:05 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: feet right?
[4:52:12 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: that's silly
[4:52:30 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: that might be really really fantastic for us if we get the gear right
[4:52:44 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: or not...
[4:52:56 PM] Dave Harris says: day 3 looks like a rest day
[4:53:00 PM] Dave Harris says: day 2 is really big
[4:53:08 PM] Dave Harris says: yes feet
[4:57:29 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: the course is kinda intimidating - I like that!
[4:57:42 PM] Dave Harris says: ain't no BCBR, that's for sure
[5:00:37 PM] Dave Harris says: day 2 looks purty insane.  I wonder if they got some numbers wrong
[5:00:59 PM] Dave Harris says: 12.5k vert, 46 miles
[5:01:08 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: that's awesome
[5:01:16 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: I'm psyched about that
[5:01:18 PM] Dave Harris says: that's VQ climbing in 10 miles less!!!!!!
[5:01:34 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: I'd rather hike-a-bike than be spun out for 45k on a rail trail any day
[5:01:46 PM] Dave Harris says: amen to that
[5:01:52 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: maybe we will be rocking that 23 after all!
[5:01:52 PM] Dave Harris says: rail trail would kill us
[5:02:13 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: rail trail - grumpy gubbers
[5:02:21 PM] Dave Harris says: gubbers?
[5:02:23 PM] Dave Harris says: funny6 sounding word
[5:02:28 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: goobers
[5:02:36 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: guoobers
[5:02:42 PM] Dave Harris says: boogers?
[5:02:55 PM] Dave Harris says: I'm getting excited
[5:03:12 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: fever pitch is starting eh?
[5:03:21 PM] Dave Harris says: my hands started peeling
[5:03:26 PM] Dave Harris says: so I know I'm peaking now ;)
[5:03:27 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: I packed my chammys and 7 jerseys
[5:04:06 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: you packed anything yet?
[5:04:23 PM] Dave Harris says: gawd no
[5:04:38 PM] Dave Harris says: I ride, work, sleep during the week
[6:06:14 PM] Dave Harris says: if you can believe what the TR folks publish about their route...
[6:06:21 PM] Dave Harris says: Here's how last year stacks up to this year
[6:06:35 PM] Dave Harris says: in '07 there was about 32.5k' vert
[6:06:47 PM] Dave Harris says: this year, about 57k'
[6:09:31 PM] Dave Harris says: 37.9k' in '06 for reference
[6:10:04 PM] Dave Harris says: if those #s they posted for this year are correct, we are in for one doosy of a week
[6:11:55 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: that is big and bad
[6:15:02 PM] Dave Harris says: it's about the same as CTR but over a lot less distance
[6:15:06 PM] Dave Harris says: I think their numbers are bogus
[6:15:43 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: Taking yer Garmin? Only one way to know for sure
[6:16:08 PM] Dave Harris says: yep
[6:26:09 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: why do you think their numbers are bogus?
[6:26:47 PM] Dave Harris says: the amount of climbing for the distance, it is unreal
[6:27:04 PM] Dave Harris says: day 2 is much steeper than VQ on average if the #s are right
[6:30:31 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: LOL VQ is now the benchmark eh?
[6:31:52 PM] Dave Harris says: yea, it's memorable ;)
[6:32:06 PM] Dave Harris says: we had a nearly identical day #s-wise in the Tushars
[6:32:12 PM] Dave Harris says: 12k vert in 50 miles...
[6:34:22 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: I saw a course description on the TR site and now I can't find it - do you have the link?
their site navigation is crappy
[6:34:48 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says:
[6:34:52 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: just found it
[6:34:59 PM] Lynda Wallenfels says: took me about 10 minutes
[6:35:06 PM] Dave Harris says: ugh

Trans Rockies

Yep not a Trans Utah blog but a Trans Rockies one - similar names but quite different animals.

On Friday Dave and I are headed off to Canada to race Trans Rockies. We are registered in the open mixed category. The start list for this category is stacked with World Cup and National podium gals. We are going single speed and will have to work hard to squeek onto the podium this time around.

I'm trying to make history ala Dicky who was the first chap to finish Trans Rockies single speed - I'll be the first chica unless another one beats me to the finish line this year. That'll be cool. I have learned a ton about training and racing single speeds this year and I am sure a few more lessons will be handed out to me at TR.

The last few weekends have been gripping arm chair racing with 24 hour solo Worlds and 24 hour National Championships. Nationals had super slick real time results. Dave and I were glued to the screen watching our athletes pull off their races. Danielle and Sarah both made me super proud to be their coach coming in 2nd and 3rd in the solo womens field. Nice work girls - you both nailed the plan!! Fran pulled off a 3rd place in the single speeds which had us on the edge of our seats until the end - Fran you get the most improved athlete award for this year - cool! The mixed duo category was a real battle. Mario and Heidi ended up with the silver this year.

Rebecca Rusch won Worlds again and Pua won Nationals again. The Aussie men killed it at Worlds taking the top four spots. JayP took the top American spot at Worlds in 9th. At Nationals Chris Eatough took the mens title.

And all of that gets me fired up to race my gears race with the big dogs.

Helmets Save Lives

Mine did it's job yesterday afternoon when I slid out on a jeep road corner. Silly crash - they all are tho' I suppose.

Knocked me out cold. I was super woozy, nauseous and had a killer headache after.

Dave talked me into a trip to the ER where I had 4 stitches in my elbow and a CAT scan. Whaddya know they said my brain looked normal! Ha!

I'm fine but grumpy I am sitting here feeling sore instead of out riding my bike. We were having a mega exploration adventure in the Tusher mountains - those are some fantastic mountains with some sweet hidden single track. Dave carried the camera so look for a photo blog shortly...

pre-KT IHT

It has been a funny season as far as race planning goes. Most of the races I have planned to do haven't happened for me - for a wide variety of reasons. My normal MO is to set a goal, design the killer training plan, train like a demon then go out and give it my best. This year I've started and stopped and modified my training plan on almost a weekly basis as the race schedule changed. It had been annoying me lots.

The most recent killer plan was set to peak on June 7th at 12 hours of Steamboat - a high altitude event. I live at 2800 feet elevation. Always my first trip up to altitude in the spring is a tough one. I get spacey, my power drops dramatically, I get tunnel vision and visual disturbances. Every year before racing at altitude I go train up high to get this day over with. Once I have been through this day then all the weirdness goes away for me and I am happy being high.

Going high this year has been close to impossible due to the massive amount of snow. I decided to try out a different approach to pre-acclimatizing for 12 hours of Steamboat. Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure (IHT). A USA Cycling coaching webinar on pre-acclimatizing to altitude I took in March stimulated a lot of thought. That and the fact I now have access to this little gem.

Protocol: Starting May 13th the plan was to ride the trainer twice per week for an hour at power L2 and up the altitude to the level I could tolerate. I started at 10k. Just before the place visual disturbances and tunnel vision set in. It was funny to be pedaling at such low wattage and be huffing and puffing like near threshold! The second ride I set the air at closer to 10.5k.

Then Steamboat was cancelled - well postponed actually to early August when I'll be at Trans Rockies. So the whole Steamboat IHT and peak race plan was bunk :-( Grrrrr...

Dave came back from California late Friday night with a head full of Kokopelli. That course tops out at 8.6k elevation - high enough for me to get dizzy without some acclimatization. Kokopelli all of a sudden sounded like a really good way to spend the weekend.

Results: Even tho' I had only pulled off two IHT sessions by the time we did Kokopelli I hammered over the 8k+ altitude marker without any spacey or visual effects and only a slight drop in power - how absolutely cool!! It worked for me. I rode in 15:21 good for the KT SS record = Happy (and sore) me.

Kokopelli was much, much harder SS than gears. WOW! I took 5 days off the bike completely baked after and 8 days later I'm still tired.

Off to ride Gooseberry now. 34 x 21. 


A few folks have asked if I am having flashbacks to my youth watching Ems do her thing.

Here is me at 5 yrs old. Of course I am the dirty one on the bike...

Here is me after finishing the E12... See how much I have changed over the years...

Here I am on the beach at 4 years old

...and here is Emma at the lake when she was 4 yrs old

See the difference?