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Armchair racing

This is the first President's Day weekend in a looooog time I haven't raced myself but I have a ton of athletes all over the country toeing the line this weekend. Exciting armchair racing for me this weekend.

I decided not to race this weekend being the one year anniversary of shattering my collar bone into a gazillion pieces, surgery and ensuing precipitous decline of my marriage.

JimK started off the LW Coaching team Presidents Day weekend onslaught with a fantastic third place at the opening TT at Valley of the Sun road stage race in Phoenix yesterday. Nice work Jim!! Folks came from all over the country for some AZ sun and were rained on during the TT...

Mary, Sarah and Terri are down at Old Pueblo mixing it up in the solo women's field. Krista and Jeff are on teams. OP has live timing this year!! Check out their progress here. I know I will be.

DaveB is up in Alaska at the Susitna 100 - brrr and all the way over the other side of the nation in Florida JimS is pounding out the 12 hours of Sebring.

Me 'n Dave. We are off on the roadie group ride this morning then playing in the dirt tomorrow with Scott. Just a simple weekend on home turf.

Holly hyperlinking action...

Have a great race everybody :-)

Happy Valentine’s Day

To all those I love.

I made the kids a special Valentine's Day breakfast.

Sleepy bunnies

I feel fortunate to have love in my life

To have the opportunity to give out part of my heart

...and to receive so much more back in return

Life in Stereo...


Wesley got his uniform and went to his first scout den meeting tonight.

You buy the blue shirt then have all these wee badges to sew on for pack number and area and what rank scout and what-not. I haven't got the hang of it all yet. It took me ages to sew all the badges on. I was "doing my best" - we have learned that one in the scout motto.

 Wesley: Mom do your best

Me: Oh yeah - you're the scout now

So I was being super neat with nice little stitches feeling the pressure of having Wesley being the kid in scouts with the crooked falling off badges. I did a nice job if I say so myself and thought he looked great. He hopped on his bike and rode off down to the church (of course they meet in a church it is SoUT). On the middle of his back waved a big price tag. LOL. It wasn't there when he came home...

mom & daughter first ride

I was running a little late this afternoon so finished up my ride at the school. It was the first time I have been on a bike too with Emma on hers. Our first mom n' daughter ride. Awww. That was really cool. She is so cute with her little bike and backpack.

Bikes and big smiles...awwwww....

She was tired when we got home and fell asleep on the sofa. Wes had a birthday party we had to drive him over to and I had to wake her up to put her in the car. In her half awake groggy state she che cried "Mommy I don't wanna go in the car I wanna ride my 2 wheeler".


Lowering my footprint

Emma rode her bike to school today and I ran along beside her. Oh my, that was awesome.. School is 3/4 mile away and is just too much for a groggy 5 year old to walk in the morning. It was a piece of cake for her on a bike this morning. She was all jazzed and proud of herself choosing her spot to park in the bike pen.

 "I rode my two wheeler all the way here from my house that is far, far away" she told everybody who would pay any attention.

Since she started kindergarten in August I have been firing up my car and driving the 3/4 mile back and forth twice per day. The exhaust fumes put out by doing that are something that has irked me for a while. Not to mention the grid-lock at the school with hundreds of cars dropping off a couple of kids each all trying to get there at the same time. The twice per day gridlock made me a bit grumpy.

I ran home and am as jazzed as Emma this morning. A 1.5 mile run is exactly what was on the training plan for me today too. 'tis flow.

8 years


With much fanfare and two parties Wesley turned eight years old

He's been waiting to join Scouts - ya haveta be 8 yrs old. Tonight was the first chance and it was a fundraiser cake auction. Wesley made a cake to donate.

More cake

It sold for $24 and was one of the cheaper ones... Emma did manage to bid on a cupcake with her dollar.

No pictures here but the big news of the day is Emma is riding her bike without training wheels now. She took off this evening unencumbered by me hovering or the training wheels and found the freedom of herself and two wheels. She was flushed and giddy and wanted more. Do I hear mini me?

2 minutes

I've raced here and there on my single speed but never trained specifically for SS racing. This year I am.

Discovering what exactly training specifically for SSing involves is a fun learning curve. One thing I have been tracking recently is my 2 minute power by testing every other week on the road.

Here is what it looks like so far for 2008. I like that upward creep. Today was 313w and is a lifetime 2 min best for me. Coolio.

2007 Kokopelli Trail Race Report

Well it wasn't a race but a group of friends riding the Kokopelli Trail - so the BLM officials who showed up to the start were told. They didn't buy it and dished out a $275 ticket to Adam for organizing an event on BLM land without a permit. With that slap on the wrist most of us set off at midnight. 65 starters and 35-ish finishers.

It was a warm night. The jacket, arm warmers and knee warmers I had in my bag did not get touched. We had a super nice tail wind and clipped right along to Dewey Bridge 45 minutes faster than my race plan crossing the bridge at 7:15am. I spun out the first half with FredW and Jeremy. Both have a nice smooth spin and set a good tempo pace. I let them go ahead before Dewey Bridge while I slowed up to eat, change my lens and do some morning business.

After Dewey Bridge I put on my mp3 and picked it up for the second half - my favorite part. The climbs were sandy and hot. I love the heat but even I had one little meltdown and ended up on my back in the shade for a few minutes. Shortly after that a rainshower cooled everything off.

I drank about twice the water I planned on. The day before we scouted the water holes so I knew where to pick up extra - no problem.

I didn't carry a camera so here are some super shots I poached from ssperl - thanks!

Yellow Jacket just after dawn looking up towards the La Sal Mountains and where we are headed. I love this part of the trail so planned my break here to linger and admire the view a little. SSperl caught it nicely on film. From this point on it is climbing, climbing (have I mentioned I like to climb ;-)

Up above everything looking down now after about 5 hours of solid climbing.

Once passed Dewey Bridge the tailwind wasn't much of a factor. I hit my race plan splits dead on and rolled into Slickrock at 3:06 pm. That was good for 5th across the finish line and 1st woman in. Kenny was a couple of minutes ahead and Jason a couple of minutes behind so we had a tight little bunch at the end.

Results went something like this:

Dave Weins   12:45, Jesse 13:19, Brian?, Kenny 15:04, me 15:06, Jason 15:09, ChrisP 15:?.  Cat Morrison was the second place female finisher in 18:30. Folks trickled in all the way until midnight. A large group finished together with smiles at 8:47pm.

No records were broken. My finish time 15:06 was three minutes off my time from last year of 15:03. Dave Weins won in 12:45, four minutes shy of the 12:41 course record set last year by Dave Harris.

Collar bone: Solid as a rock. I'm back in action!

Almost as fun as the race was hanging out at slickrock after meeting the later finishers and hanging out with the support crew. I got to meet some great new folks in person I have known only in the online form.

Itty Bitty Betty finished in 23:10 on a singlespeed to become the first ever female SS KTR finisher - awesome job!

Itty Bitty Betty, LyndaW and brg. Check it out - I am the tallest :-)

So now I've done KTR in both directions. I think I've done it. Time for new obsessions...

Wesley had a non-race event too this weekend. He did the Tuff Kids Triathlon. This was a non-timed, non-competitive event. Just a group of kids getting together for a fun swim, bike and run. Wesley is in the orange shorts getting chicked on the run by a gal in blue shorts. These kids are not racing - rrrrright.