The past 7 days have been “interesting.”  I’ve suddenly achieved race weight; I moved across town and now live next to Bread – yep, that Bread; winter returned.  Not exactly a blog-worthy lifestyle, but it has been trying to say the least.  I hate snow and moving, I love eating.  The universe has been out of order for a week, but I do sense my zen space returning.

The weather is looking like it’s gonna turn summerish, my GI tract is back to normal, and the move is complete. 

Moving…it’s been awhile.  Moving is a shocking experience.  How much crap do we really need?  Being ruled by possesions is in direct conflict with my need for the simple life.  Moving has been a big whack across the face.  About half of my life is now sitting at the bottom of the La Plata county landfill.  Fox had it right trying to sell his life…

But, the new location kicks ass.  It’s all good.

In the meantime I’ve been living vicariously through the efforts of others.  Anthony, Jesse, Greg Lewis, Michael Carrol, Mitch, Gaige, Marisa – they all rocked Gila the past week.  Jesse gave it stick day 5, coming close to an upset stage win, but alas he’s a mountain biker.  Greg was solid all week and had a great final day to finish 3rd GC in the 3s.  How about Michael winning the Inner loop stage?  And how about Marisa winning the pro women day 5???!

And Colby.  Jesus man, nice riding.

On the other side of the pond, Rob is back in action picking up a win in a 12  hour race.  In the UK they like to start 12 hour races at 8PM.  Truly nutz over there.  Looks like Gav took the mixed field – who’s your partner?

Francis just set a lifetime PB (I think he’s over 40 now??  Francis?) and a course record in a 40k TT.  How cool is that.

The Payson 24 hour race that I bailed on was this past weekend.  Despite being on USA Cycling’s Ultra calendar, it drew few top riders – Nat and Tinker, and local Chuck Wheeler whom I remember from OP had a good ride too.

So now it’s time to think about bikes again.  KTR is right around the corner, GLR shortly after that.  I’ve been planning to do the Grand Loop on the KTR weekend, but I really don’t think ma nature has been aware of my plans – looks like there may be too much snow left for that.  So, I could end up doing KTR, Grand Loop the following weekend – or back to square one and doing them all at the scheduled race times?

I’m not a big fan of loose ends.  I’ll make the call soon.