Cholla Challenge XC race reports

Fun day at Cholla Challenge. First up were the kids races. Emma got 5th and Wes finished 3rd. Emma was sure she had won tho as she pushed it hard.

I’m pretty sure Wes had a lot more fun playing around on his bike after the race than the actual race…

The start of my race was awesome!! Emma even caught it on video! I wasn’t expecting this much start encouragement!! It made he shriek a little, laugh for at least half the race. That much crack infusion made me start really really fast too!! I held it for the win and maintained my lead in the Intermountain Cup XC series. posted a race report and caught a photo of the pro women start. Now you know why I was laughing and why Jennelle Kremer (Revolution/Peak Fasteners) starting next to me was laughing! This was Jenelle’s first pro race and first ever pro womens start – ha,ha,  she should have been way more stressed out than she looks!!

Sunday we had a fabulous hike day up in Zion. We are lucky to live so close to such a magnificent piece of land.

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  1. Do all little girls have to bring at least 2 “stuffies” along, be it biking, hiking, or other outdoor activity? Carly does the same. Too funny!

  2. Yes I think so! These ones are Pipos and they must travel in pairs or more or they get lonely.

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