Cholla Challenge

The next stop of the Intermountain Cup is this weekend. The Cholla Challenge. I’ve raced this one once before back in 2006. In fact it was the most recent XC I have done…in 2006… I raced SS that day and was too lazy to change my gear ending up grossly undergeared and spun out – ouch. It’s a flat course.

Emma is up for racing it and so is Wes. Emma still hasn’t taken off her number plate from the Rampage :-) and me too. Yep I registered myself. My most recent XC racing (2006!!) has been with the SS boyz and before that I mostly raced with the Expert men. Always up for something different I put a full set of 27 gearies on my blingy Ti hardtail and registered with the pro women. Out to play a bit this weekend. He he…

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  1. You know what you really need to do is show up in the Pro-class on the single speed. I sure hope it doesn’t snow on us.

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