Christmas frenzy

Christmas Eve was MY day. That’s when I had all the fun. I lined up a baby sitter and went out mountain biking for 5 hours with two of my roadie pals who have turned to the dark-side and gotten themselves mountain bikes for Christmas. This was only the second ride in the dirt for Dave so I took it easy on him and planned out a mostly jeep road loop. Used to skinny rubber Joel’s quote of the day was that his 2.4’s were probably wider than me – so he got in my good book :-) That comment and the fact he traded half of his white chocolate raspberry scone with one of my pop tarts. He can come ride with me any day. On the road Dave always turns the screws down hard on Joel and I but we got to punish him a bit today he he! After about 3 hours he was the one fading off the back and mentioned mountain biking was hard!! He even ate the stale Clif bar that has been lurking in my Camelbak for months waiting for a desperate moment.

It is a treat to have some one to ride with sometimes as my usual MO is just me out in the boonies solo or towing the kids around.

Christmas Day was all about the kids.

Look ma Santa got me a scooter

If it’s not pink, don’t bother