Oooh ma legs are full of them! Today it’s been exactly a month since 24-hours of Moab and since I have done anything resembling training. 3 X 20 mins at sweet spot today went 199w (pretty good), 203w (spot on), 178w (kaboom!!). Mom-Coach has been taking the front seat and Racer the backseat – which is good. Racer had been taking a bit too much of the fair share and I was losing some balance by the end of the season. It is good to have it back now.

On the coach front I have been travelling around, meeting lots of smart people, chatting with other coaches and learning lots of good stuff. I took a visit to the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to check out their bike fit facility. They have a 3-d laser system which is very cool. I highly recommend a trip there if you are iffy on your bike fit.

I took in my Yeti and road bike and both got tweaked with a shorter stem for my road bike and moving the seat forward on my mtb to shorten my cockpit. The biggie they identified was that my feet were not under my hips – big energy loss, so I need a lower Q-factor.

Another visit was to James Wilson in Fruita to learn about his business Mtb Strength Coach . Very cool stuff. Look for more on him later.

“Mom” really encompases not only taking care of my kiddies but taking care of all those others in my bubble I love. It does my heart good to see others in my bubble happy, especially if I have helped that along in any little way.

A few more miles of driving took us down to Silverman triathlon where Steve was racing and the kiddies and I were cheerleading. He turned in a huge performance moving his overall placing up from 21st last year to 9th this year – top 10 is awesome. His time was 7 minutes slower than last year 12:09 as it was a heinous wild and windy day. I thought for sure they were gonna cancel the swim. Kudos to the race promoter for sticking his neck out and letting the racers go out and do what they were lusting to do.

Here is his finishline pic – this is joy (honest!)

So with racking up 2,420 miles of driving in the last 11 days the cobwebs are no big suprise. I’m home, the weather is great and its training time now…