Coconino Loop Race

Dave couldn’t contain his post Moab-24 mania and stormed out of here to lay tracks in the dirt on the 250 mile Coconino Loop Race course. The official race was the same weekend as Moab so he is having a personal make up race.

A little ditty about the route:
The 250-mile route has about 40-50% singletrack, some of which is pretty darn technical, and about 33k of climbing. The route is: Flagstaff-Sedona-Mingus Mountain-Williams-Flagstaff.

I’m very jealous but my tank is still far too empty from Moab to indulge in such an adventure. His energy level is phenomenal and a little baffling.

Dave’s Spot is live on the Coconino tracker from the stage race. Look for it to start firing off points in the morning. He will be accepting ice-cream and chocolate from Spot stalkers.

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  1. I have a feeling his legs will be feeling it, if not just a little. Scott and I toured the Coconino two weeks after the Grand Loop Race. I mentally thought I had it, nevertheless, I succumbed to the pain on the hill sections.

    That said, I know he is going to have a blast. I wish I could take off tomorrow and try (keyword=try) to keep up with him for a bit as I’d love to thru-race it.

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