Colby the rock star

It’s been really great to see the recent successes of Anthony Colby.  He has had more than his fair share of hurdles to overcome on his way to good health and peak fitness, but he’s doing it remarkably well.

Back in March we rode together some and at one point when he turned on the power up a climb, I watched in amazement as he blazed away while my power tap was telling me mid 300’s – and a few minutes later he accelerated even more.  I knew right then I was witnessing something special.  That was the week before the Tour of California.

Then, in the Tour of Georgia, I whined about the peleton’s laziness in allowing a 29 min gap to a break, negating further efforts in the race.  Just on queue, Colby kicked ass on the Brasstown Bald stage, leaving his daylong breakaway companions to finish 3rd behind Levi and Tom.  That’ll teach me not to whine!

Marching on, Colby pushed on to a 5th place finish yesterday in stage 2 of the Gila.  This is no ordinary field this year.  There aren’t major conflicting NRC races right now, so all the big teams are represented.  It’s like a Georgia or ToC field.

Keep killin’ it bro!