Colorado bikepacking bliss summer 2012 trip

JJ, Ed and I completed a simply awesome bikepack trip along the Colorado Trail. The pace was casual by racing standards but I’m just not sure you can use the word casual for riding at 13,000 feet on alpine singletrack. Spendiferous is a better word. JJ blogged better pics and words than I could ever come up with so I leave you with a links to her extra special mtbliss SpaceCowgirl blog. Howzat for lazy blogging :-)

Colorado Trail Day 1: Notes From a Daydream Come True

Spring Creek Pass – Cataract Lake

Colorado Trail Day 2: Notes on Happiness

Cataract Lake – Silverton

Colorado Trail Day 3: Notes on riding into foreverland

Silverton to Bolam Pass.

Colorado Trail Day 4: Notes on Humility, Honor and Heart

Day 4: Bolam Pass to Durango