Colorado Trail Race Day 3

Dave and about 39 others started out Colorado Trail Race on Sunday at 6am so that puts them into day 3 today. The race clock is at 3 days, 6 hours and 12 minutes as I type this now.

He called from Leadville lamenting his 1 x 9 choice wishing for a 3 x 9 and saying the altitude was slaying him – not so happy… Then he called again from Buena Vista full of joy and vigor and on crack! Up and downs of a big race…

Sitting in my office looking at my computer this morning I watched his Spot sit for an hour on a 12k pass at the top of Fooses Creek where it joins the Monarch Crest Trail. I know that place and the view and sooo wanted to be there… I was imagining him sitting there eating breakfast drinking in the view – it is a biggie.

Owen Murphy is miles out in front of everybody on a record setting pace and Cat Morrison is killing it too. Right now Cat is ahead of the course record women’s pace. I helped Cat put together a training and race plan for CTR this year and am totally psyched to see her putting it into action.

The race tracker website has a snazzy table that uses current splits spat out from Spots to predict finish times. Right now Dave is in 7th place and looks to be riding with Scott Morris often. They are predicted to finish in 5 days and 23 hours which is about 5 am on Saturday morning.

Not content to sit at my computer and watch Spots all weekend I am buzzing down to Flagstaff to do the Crazy 88 on Saturday and ride with honch Dara Marks-Marino on Sunday. I haven’t actually ridden with Dara before. It is gonna be cool for me because so many times in races I have been asked if I am Dara! It will be funny to compare our riding styles.

So I’ll miss the CTR finish. By the time I get back from Flag hopefully Dave will be back too. I much prefer playing with Dave not watching his Spot move through big country without me. I’m sure I couldn’t keep up on this one tho’ and it is super exciting to watch.

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  1. Thanks for the update…been following Dave and Scott’s *pings* across the Rockies. Best wishes! Oh,….who is Owen Murphy and why is he so fast? Wow.


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