D2D 12 hour Solo

Big kudos: To Dawn til Dusk 12 hour race in Gallup for adding a female solo single speed category. While I will be sad not to race directly with the guys on my SS this coming weekend I am excited to support this new category. Old Pueblo is one of the few races I can think of with a female SS category.

Gear obsession sequel: We are not going into D2D as blind as we went into Rim Ride as far as gear selection goes. Dave has raced solo there twice with his power meter on board so we have scads of data to over-analyze before committing to a gear size.

For Sale: Spring cleaning continues and I have my Gary Fisher Rig for sale. 16″ frame. 29er Reba fork and all stock parts. $600 obo. Shoot me an e mail to lynda@lwcoaching.com if interested.

Must make way for one of these being built up by the wheelmeister himself.

6 replies on “D2D 12 hour Solo”

  1. Oh good god….a power tap with disk brake. Just what I need to obsess about having now. Maybe I’ll just wait it out for the disk brake, ss hub. ;-)

  2. Power Tap with disc brake = dead sexy. Doesn’t MikeC only build 29er wheels? And you are selling your only 29er?? Is there another secret project in the works?

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