Dave’s Grand Loop Race – so far…

Dave is out there right now on the Grand Loop race. It started at 6pm Friday in Grand Junction. I happened to be at Dewey Bridge on a raft trip the night the race rolled over the bridge. I didn’t plan it – serendiptiy at work.

Dave rolled over in first place at 3:15am. He was 45 minutes ahead of schedule. I was just getting up to make coffee when we heard a whooping coming from the direction of the bridge. We were camped about 200 yards from the bridge. Next I hear wheels on dirt and dashed up to the road with one shoe on and caught him.

It was an amazing moment. The moon was huge and bright – almost full. Moonlight was making the white stanchions on Dewey bridge glow, throwing moon rays and shadows higgldy piggdly down on the river. The air was still and warm. The type of moment cameras can’t catch. The light was low but vivid. Colorful but subtle.

Dave was in the zone feeling no pain. Steve described him as giddy and jubilant. He only stopped for about 5 minutes and spent most of it stuffing his face. Looks like all systems were working… He was giving off incredible energy!

..and then he was gone. As we watched him ride off into the moonlight goose bumps stood up on my arms and I was flooded with a mix of awe and envy. I told Steve I had goose bumps and he said he did too. He said we just witnessed something special.

It was like he was riding in a cocoon of magic that moved on up the road with him. After he left the moon dropped behind the mesa and things turned flat and dark again.

Seven fellas started and two have dnf’d already. Dave has until 10pm on Monday to break the course record. As of the Bedrock call in he was 6 hours ahead of record pace. I appear to be far too interested and excited about this race. I suspect it may be more than fellas who start next year…

Now I am in Colorado for a family reunion/vacation. My brand new GPS tells me my ride maximum elevation was 10,052 and minimum 8,235 feet – dizzy desert bunny!

We pack light for vacations.