Day 2 plan B

Well it rained for most of the night (crap).

Forecast for today looks the same as yesterday.

This knocks Anasazi, Barrel Roll and Cove Wash out of rideable status. Believe me you don’t want to go there. Plan B for today is to skip all of those trails and start with the Green Valley Race course. Green Valley, Barrel Cacti and Zen loops will all *probably* be fine. Maybe we can do 2-3 laps on that course. It is fun enough to ride over and over again so will still be a first class day. Bailout points to pavement are many and quick.

From Starbucks we will stay as a group to the point where we connect with the GPS file. From that point it is mostly single-track so we will spread out.

Plan C is to ride on the road, plan D is to go back to your hotel and watch The Bachelor nah – we gotta ride if we are having dinner at Golden Corrall. Dinner is 6pm and we have a group area reserved under my name.

Day 3 heads up: If we get nothing but non-stop rain from the sky we will still ride to the top of Starvation point at mile 21 on the GPS track. The road will be fine to there. After that everyone is on their own. I have no idea what the roads East of I-15 will be like. They will certainly be slow and soft so making the full hundie is now a VERY big challenge.

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  1. Well, I get to post first since I bailed due to the clay attack. I knew I should have brought the SS! I guess it got better after the top of the first hill, but by then, my bike was pretty much out of action unless I wanted to buy bike parts later.


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