Diamonds in the Rough

It’s been a tough week.  Change and uncertainty are running free reign right now – and that can be tough on my ocean liner sensibilities. 

On the flip side, change presents opportunities.  In this case, I have the time to focus on what I really enjoy.

Take this guy for instance.  With a strong history of riding he’s ready for the next level.  A year+ worth of power data told me all I needed to know.  I asked him to think outside of the box and do some stuff that was counter-intuitive.  Here’s how the first 6 weeks have gone in terms of normalized power for 40 and 60 min durations:

…and here’s how the above fits in with the annual picture:

That’s a pretty picture :-)

 Looks like it’s all gonna turn out great.


Completely unrelated:  do this test.

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