Dixie-Lite Results 2010

172.44 miles with 21,000 feet of climbing is what I had on the gps at the finish.

I took 99 photos during the race. Here is the only start picture I have of all five of the Dixie-Liter’s starting at 8:10 am on Saturday morning. My bike is lying on the ground so I am sorta in the pic.

Taylor Lideen, Steve Cook, Fred Wilkinson, Adam Lisonbee and me, aka Lynda Wallenfels.

I finished at 9:42pm on Sunday evening putting my race time at 1:13:32 = 1 day, 13 hours and 32 mins. I must have been last as when I got to the parking lot the only car left there was Dave’s and he is out on the Dixie 311. I was first too tho – 1st place woman ;-) and I was a big winner too cause I had a fab time out there. Big blog post to come from me later with maybe 97 photos in it. Luckily only 3 have me in and only 1 was a self portrait shot at the end which I am too vain to post – eek!

Steve Cook, 3:10pm Sunday, 1:07:09

Adam Lisonbee, 7:08pm Sunday, 1:10:58

Fred Wilkinson, 7:18pm Sunday, 1:11:08

Lynda Wallenfels, 9:42pm Sunday, 1:13:32

David Jones stopped at mile 126 in Panguitch Lake

Taylor DNF

Dixie 311 results to come later – all those guys are still out there. Looks like Dave Harris is sitting near Circleville waiting for the store to open on Monday morning.

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  1. I finished at 7:08 PM on Sunday. Fred was about 10 minutes behind me. I caught him just before the faint trail before Hwy 14. We rode together into Navajo Lake where we stopped for soda and ice cream. The finishing portion of the VRRT, up in the Aspens, was a total rush. I was singing through trees!

  2. Awesome work, everyone! What’s DH’s estimate for the big loop-dee-loop? It looks like it’s a treacherously slow-paced affair judging from his spot points and how long it took everyone to do the Lite!

  3. I finished at 3:19pm. I stopped just down from where you and Adam camped (Fred told me) to have dinner. Moved down the trail to a place with less mosquitos to sleep then rode Thunder Mtn in the moonlight which was spectacular. The Spruce trail was a bit of a bugger but I have to agreed with Adam that finishing on the VRRT was excellent.

  4. Lynda, Congratulations on a great ride and having fun out there. I’m sure Adam has my finish time right. I didn’t make note of the exact time, but my bike was on the car and I had scrubbed off a lot of dirt (off me – not the bike!) by 7:30. I was really happy to see Adam on Sunday afternoon. Besides the uplifting company, he definitely helped me find the way through the last miles. I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Thanks to everyone for the shared riding, event planning/hosting, and good times!

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