Fall is a time to relax, unwind, let the season’s stress melt away.

This is best done on mountain tops.

A long ways up, no?

But alas, we made it. Gooseberry Mesa. Little Creek Mesa. Hurricane Rim. The Arizona Strip. Smith Mesa. It was all spread out below us in the afternoon light.

Zion too. The Markagunt, Paunsaugunt, and Powell Point too…

Alas, what goes up must come down.

And today we are crippled.

5 replies on “DOMS”

  1. This is on the Pine Valley Ridge hiking up via the Oak Grove Trail. We never made it up to the high point which is called Signal Peak.

  2. Great views! The third picture down has the same theme as one I took Tuesday over Mendenhall Glacier – a battered old tree looking out over a great expanse.

    Why crippled from the downhill? Did you run?

  3. Run? Us? The Lemans run in 24s stretches my running ability to it’s max ;) 4,200′ of vert in something like 2.5 miles. 2 days after my legs refused to bend – they locked at the knees! Unreal.

    We are cyclists all the way to the core. We try to branch out occasionally but the discomfort sends us running for our bikes!

  4. That’s really great. And really steep. I can very much respect 4,200 in 2.5 miles. Around Juneau, we have several routes that climb 3,500 feet in that distance. I’ve gotten better at the descents, but they used to be a full-on knee war.

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