Durango Training

Last weekend I took a a trip to D-town to get our Trans Rockies strategy and details dialed in. I was looking forward to some big views and nice single-track too. This was the standard view of the weekend. Tall trees and thick clouds. Apparently there are big peaks around Durango – apparently…

I’ve haven’t ridden in such wet conditions since I left Scotland – wow! Hours of rain and soaked to the skin. Made for some chilly descents and surreal atmosphere.

For a while I felt like I was on mushrooms, rolling in and out of cloud banks, numb, cold and dizzy. Up on some sloppy slick single track somewhere above timberline after about 3 hours of solid climbing. I thought to myself Trans Rockies has to get pretty dam hard if it is going to be harder than this – but I must have said it out loud ’cause Dave shouts out “yes maam”. Then we went over a saddle and were rolling down through meadows with of hundreds of flowers drooping heavy over the trail, laden with moisture. I glanced down at my red Sidi shoes and they had yellow polka dots. My head took a while to process that one and realise they were the petals from Buttercups sticking to me.

It started to make sense a little when Dave told me we were well over 12,000 feet. My mojo returned with a two thousand foot drop and sweet single track on Hermosa Creek – too cool. So I’ll have to make a return trip to Durango to see all those views I missed. It was an awfully good training weekend tho’.

After the ride on Sunday it was super nice to meet a few teammates who came out to the bbq – thanks for coming.