Elite BMX

And now for something totally different:  Jens Westergren is researching BMX power requirements and has some data to share as well.  Below is a chart of his data and some of his comments/questions:


The new UCI Supercross format (Olympic format) consists of two time
trial runs as qualification then a number of finals, in all around 5-10
heats of 30-45 s duration. Because of the jumps and turns it´s rater
different from for example 400 running.

I’m currently working on a “performance criteria analysis” of BMX racing
for the Swedish Olympic Committee. My only problem is that the amount of
published research done on the subject is to put it nicely,
A pubMed search gives maybe seven relevant hits, of which all of the are
about injuries in BMX racing (must be a very dangerous sport…)

This is what I´ve found:

Politi, S.; Heazlewood, I. Exercise physiological, biomechanical and
predictors of bicycle motor cross in young adults : a preliminary
study.Mathematics and computers in sports : 3rd conference held at
Bond University, Queensland, Australia, 30th September to 2nd October,
1996, Queensland, Bond University, 1996, p. 123-153.

Attached is the power output graph of a 74 kg top level Swedish rider,
measured by a SRM pro system fitted to his race bike. To avoid any
interference from other riders (and crashes…) it was done as a time trial.
This is especially relevant now since the UCI Supercross
use time trial runs to qualify. I would be very grateful if you could post
this on the forum!



If you have any insight for Jens, contact him at jenswestergren@hotmail.com.