Endurance Racing comes to SW Utah

Two really, really cool new events have been announced for the St George area.

Ironman St George. That’s right we are getting our very own M-Dot here in St George. The swim is in Sand Hollow Reservoir seen here in this pic taken standing on the course of the new 24 and 6 Hour mtb race Frog Hollow

Frog Hollow is scheduled for Halloween, you know when the clocks change…so you get an extra hour to ride right around the midnight hour…so it is really a 25, but you know sometimes you end up riding past noon so that could have you out there for 26 hours – scary stuff on Halloween.

I went out to Frog Hollow with the promoter Cimarron Chacon and my bike, camera and gps too :-) for a mosey around the course.


The views in every direction are off the charts.

Gooseberry with Zion behind.

Pine Valley

More Gooseberry and Zion

Frog Hollow 25 makes its debut this year and IMStG is slated for 2010. StG is getting big time now. Maybe I’ll have to crack out my IM gear. I did IMAZ in 2004 you know…

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  1. Very cool, the Frog thingy. I would be a perfect competitor for the IM, except I hate running and swimming. Thank God for wheels.


  2. Sand Hollow is at low elevation and would still be warm in Oct, but the IM is in May. The 24 hour race is in Oct.

    Late Oct is ride-perfect weather in these parts!

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