Enjoying global warming

At least for now.  As anyone who’s been around here long knows winter is coming back…but for now it’s tough to beat 70F in March.  That’s overtraining weather!  It’s been warm and dry long enough that it’s time to check out some dirt …it’s been all pavement around here for awhile.

Training has been going well.  I’m finally beginning to feel like my old self now that CTL is comfortably closing in on 120.  It doesn’t hurt to toss in a bit more intensity too.  2 weeks ago I started raising the roof with help – getting towed around SW Colorado by some strong local boyz, teammates Miles, Greg, and Colavita guy Anthony.  Anthony was a good sport and pulled us along all day.  Any time I was next to him it was taking 250-300W  to keep up.   Ouch!  Coming off of OP I could maintain 200 forever, but that ride woke up some dormant muscle fibers. 

The other aspect of global warming is snowmelt – the rivers are rising.  Just in time for Steve’s (the recovering crackhead’s husband) training trip down Westwater canyon on the  Colorado, just W of Fruita.  Nuthin like a good float and bloat to prevent overtraining.

I’ll be back Sunday and plan on doing a big passes ride.  Something like Needles -> Ouray and back.  Anyone care to join me?