Ergomo Update

Got the Ergomo up and rolling on a 68mm BB Gary Fisher Procaliber. It seems to be working fine but I haven’t done any accuracy testing yet.

CPU handlebar mount is the cheesiest thing in the world. It is held on with zip-ties. Yesterday on a fast bumpy descent the zip-ties holding it on crept off the side of the mount, the mount came loose, rotated forward, the CPU unclipped itself and fell into my front wheel. That was fun. We all came off unscathed. Later on one of the zip-ties broke and it fell again. It finished the ride in my pocket doing none of its data recording duties. Schwell…

Today I went with 4 zip-ties. Two to hold the mount on, one to hold those two together to stop them creeping off the side of the mount and a big fat one around my stem to stop it from rotating forward. It held up to 134 TSS (IF 0.715) or 2:36 of off-road bashing today. It sure looks Home Depotesque.

Today was a double ride day for me. I installed a new bell on Emmas bike and we took that for a workout.

It’s always a race


This cracked me up…


Joel on the big teeter totter rock up at the point


and still on it…


Another chilly day here in the desert. Clear skies and no smog tho’. Big visibility. We rode the Green Valley smorgasboard today.