Ergon at Camp Lynda

Jeff Kerkove, LW Coaching athlete and Ergon marketing guru, will be attending all 3 days of Camp Lynda.  For those that are also attending Jeff will allow those interested in demoing Ergon product during the 3 days of camp.  Nothing like taking the products straight out into the elements!

Ergon product available  for demo is as follows


If you are interested in demoing any product during the 3 day camp, please e-mail Jeff at to express your interest.  Note, only product requested via e-mail will be brought to St. George.

I’ve been running the GE1 grips on my SS for a month now. I’m picky and if sumthin’ makes me grumpy it is off my bike asap. These grips are still on… They are nice and small diameter – I like that a lot. They don’t have barends but do have a wee lip at the end to help remind me how far along the bars my hands are. I like that a lot too. I am a bit of a bar end addict and I mainly use them to keep my hands from slippping off the end of the bars not for extra hand positions. These lips get the job done without death impaling barend danger. Dave will tell you bar ends can break ribs clean apart.

They are clamp on too. Gives me confidence they are not going to fly off my bars or twist on me when I am cranking my single gear up a roller at 600+ watts. Uh huh!

They come in green too. I like my stealth black ones on my black Rig with the black fork. It looks fast… Disguises the fact the bike weighs in about 28 lbs…oink, oink…