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The Dixe 311

This route pieces together 311 miles of the of finest trails and remote terrain of Southern Utah. On June 26th, 8 AM riders will embark from the Virgin River Rim trailhead at Woods Ranch to begin this self-supported route challenge. The moon is full and the days are long.

Download the complete route GPX file. Note: due to lingering snowpack above 10,500' the route has been significantly changed from the original plan, including the start and finish location, extensive re-routing of segment 5, and the inclusion of the Virgin River Rim Trail in its entirety. This GPX file is the final version for 2010, other parts of this website may not reflect the recent changes. This map does reflect the recent changes for both the 311 and Dixie Lite. The zip file contains a complete track, a track for each segment, and a waypoint file. Preview the route in detail here, and assess the resupply options here.

Event tracking courtesy Trackleaders is here on the Dixie site and also at Trackleaders.

Start with this virtual tour. Move along the route with your mouse to get started.

Dixie 311 overview map Start, 2nd Lefthand Canyon, Marthon Trail, start Virgin River Rim Trail Tushar mountains get high, lots of trail, and probably snow Marathon Trail Virgin River Rim Trail Long Valley gas station heaven Pole Canyon Grandview Trail Crawford Trail King Creek trail and campground Casto Canyon Sevier Plateau Snowbank Trail Circleville Spruce Trail Dark Hollow descent segment 2 profile 311 Details


311 miles of bikepacking bliss awaits.  The route includes the choice parts of Trans Utah - Virgin River Rim trail, Pole Canyon and the Sunset Cliffs, Grandview trail - and plenty more.  Thunder Mountain, the Skyline Drive trail in the Tushars and an epic traverse of the Sevier Plateau await. Not for the faint of heart, this is a back country odyssey.

Let the planning begin!

Casto Canyon and Thunder Mountain wind through some amazing hoodoo country. Hit this in the daylight if at all possible! Although those hoodoos could be interesting under a full moon. Hmmmm....


Thunder Mountain hoodo singletrack

Route profile for segment 4.


Route profile for segment 4

What: a 311 mile self-supported mountain bike challenge


When: June 26, 2010, 8 AM for the first edition. (The route can be completed by anyone at anytime they so choose)


Where: SW Utah. The start/finish is near Parowan, UT.


Self-supported rules apply if you want to be compared amongst your peers.


Download the preliminary GPX file here. Note: the course will be slightly different than what you see in this file. Preview this file in Google Earth (requires GE browser plugin) or a detailed topo map.


Still need more stoke? Check out the gallery and the evolution of route exploration.

Profile for segment 2. All downhill, right? Services at the end of the segment in Long Valley, probably the best stocked gas station you've seen.


Section 2 profile

Virgin River Rim Trail is a classic must-do overlooking Zion. Great singletrack, all rideable.


Virgin River Rim Trail

Profile for segment 5.


Segment 5 profile


Lots of tall terrain here. Rugged trails, this may be a race crux.


Water is everywhere, as are elk and black bear. Skyline trail in the Tushars is off the charts.


Tushar mountain goodness

Profile for segment 1.



Race start: 8 AM June 26 in Parowan, UT


Neutral roll out for a few miles up Hwy 143 until we get to the start of 2nd Left Hand canyon. Timer starts when we head off the pavement. This section includes 2nd Lefthand Canyon (one big climb!), Sydney Peaks trail, Louder Ponds, and the Marathon trail. The end of this section is at Navajo lake/res.


Water spigots at area campgrounds; Navajo Lake Lodge has a general store with one of everything.

The Spruce trail traverses the backbone of Sydney peaks, eventually taking you to where you were a few days prior at the top of 2nd Left Hand Canyon. We'll keep climbing up Sydney Peaks in search of the Dark Hollow descent.


Here are the profiles for segment 6 and segment 7.


Segment 6 profile

Segment 7 Profile

Dive off the Sevier Plateau on the Snowbank trail.

Pole Canyon is our entrance to the Paunsaugunt, land of Bryce Canyon, Sunset Cliffs, Pink Cliffs, and lots of hoodoos.


A bit tough to find, another good spot for GPS use.

The Marathon trail traverses lava fields, apsen glades, with a super fun descent into Navajo Lake. GPS navigation required in spots.


Marathon trail descent to Navajo Lake

A very well stocked gas station/country store is here at Long Valley. Ice cream or hot dogs, they have you covered. Don Miguel status unknown.


Secret stash on the Paunsaugunt

Pole Canyon takes you to the top of the Paunsaugunt where you'll connect with the Grandview trail. Relatively easy miles for a short while, it begins to get epic after dropping back off the top of the plateau.


Here's Troy Marino on the top. Photo credit Blair from Flagstaff.


Troy Marino along the Grandview Trail

Segment 3 profile.


This traverses most of the Paunsaugunt. Pole Canyon, Grandview, Crawford trail (secret stash! have never seen bike tracks on it but it is sweet), Fremont ATV, King trail, Thunder Mountain.


Water available at Water Canyon (very likely), Robinson Guzzler (hard to find), King Creek CG. There is unpotable water for horses at the top of Thunder Mountain also.


Segment 3 profile

The small town of Circleville has a general store, restaurants, and maybe even a hotel (not sure, it's so much nicer on the trail). Services are limited to non-existant beyond here, stock up well. But don't overdo it, the climb coming up is a doosy.