Fall Riding bros

I am reaping the benefits now of taking my off season May – August this year cause the weather in SoUtah is ride perfect and I don’t need a post season enforced rest :-) As I’m not training for anything either right now it is prime time for social rides.

Saturday: Beauty ride up on Gooseberry mesa with Bill, Bill and Garett. Unfortunately my camera died and I took Emma’s camera which turned out to have a smudge on the lens.

Sunday: Fabulousa lap on Silver Reef with my bro Joel B. Good times in near ride perfect weather except for that headwind in every direction…how does that work anyway? No camera on board. Joel is one of my fav riding partners.

Monday: Wes is outta school for 2 weeks as a benefit of making grade in every class. Emma is in school for these 2 weeks as she didn’t make grade in Spanish. They go to a dual immersion Spanish/English school and are expected to perform equally in Spanish and English – it is amazing Wes made grade as most of the non-native speakers don’t. This is the first time he has. I’m proud of him.

So he was my ride bro today. We rode Barrel Roll and had a TON of fun.

He needs a bigger bike! We have the seat up past the max height mark.

…and he needs to step up from 24″ wheels to 26″. Those little wheels get hung up on rocks easily.

Mom: Wes go to the edge and I’ll take your pic.
Wes: No I’ll fall off take it here!

Auto timer shot. It is not often I get to look like the big person :-) Wes weighs in at 72 lbs

but is it all muscle and bone.

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