Five Days to OP and countin’

Sometimes the final few days before a peak race are the hardest to figure out trainingwize. My legs are on fire so I want to go out and hammer but I can’t do too much or I’ll torch them before race day. I like to have the intensity in my schedule to keep the blood volume up but do fewer reps than during normal training. If I don’t do anything but rest during race week I’m flat as a pancake by the weekend.

Here’s today’s workout. Three sets of 3 min intervals in Power L5 with three mins rest between reps and six mins rest between sets. This one felt real easy today. Head up smilin’ kind of riding. The sun was out and canyon cliffs glowing orange.

Heart rate is in red and watts yellow. Intervals are highlighted in black. Short and sweet I like to call these types of workouts. 1 hour 20 min and 86 TSS. Go out, do the reps, go home. Power average was 251 watts for the intervals which is nicely in L5. My legs wanted to push more watts today but I stayed off the throttle. I’ll need all the beans I can save for the weekend.

Just keepin’ it nice and sharp today. CTL is down to 101 and TSB is up to 17.