Flagstaff Riding

I’m back from Flagstaff and even managed to beat Dave home so have yet to hear all his gory CTR details. He did finish on Saturday.

I tallied up 108 miles of riding in 2 days. I’d heard Flag had good trails and was not disappointed one little bit.

Saturday was Crazy88 which was super duper fun. Great loop and cool post race party. I rode on and off with Troy – local Flagger, and enjoyed following his lines when I could keep up. I finished in 9 hours and 8 minutes coming in 4th. On the start line I counted 50 racers. No pics from Sat tho as I wasn’t in a camera carrying mood.

Sunday Dara led me around a fun loop linking together all sorts of different trails with cool names like Jedi and Little Bear.

Most looked like this. Lovely buff and flowy.

I was totally digging all the ferns. I haven’t ridden in ferns for a long time.

Lots of rolly ups and downs perfect for the single speed. Dara was on her 1-speed too.


Meadows and flowers.

Troy and Dara’s wee one McKenna is a nature girl thru and thru. Not afraid of the dirt….

3 replies on “Flagstaff Riding”

  1. Fun hanging out with ya Lynda! Enjoyed watching your smooth riding on that little frame with big wheels.
    I think I cracked in the last 2 hours due to lack of salts. I must bring more salts on those hot rides.
    Cheers, Troy

  2. I love to ride Flag. That’s one of Matt and my favorite places to visit. Little Bear and Jedi are primo!! Glad you got the chance to partake. :)

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