A few folks have asked if I am having flashbacks to my youth watching Ems do her thing.

Here is me at 5 yrs old. Of course I am the dirty one on the bike…

Here is me after finishing the E12… See how much I have changed over the years…

Here I am on the beach at 4 years old

…and here is Emma at the lake when she was 4 yrs old

See the difference?

9 replies on “Flashbacks”

  1. I love the picture of you on the bike…I don’t think you’ve grown since then. Also the beach shot of you and the one of your girl is uncanny.

  2. The one thing that is constant is your smiles. Life is good, especially when we’re in the dirt… Thanks for the look-back.

  3. I love that laugh in the 3rd pic. You’ve still got it :)

    What a fine surprise on the blog!!

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