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Jackson pass sits between Square Top Mountain and Jackson Peak. It is a major skyline feature from St George. The map has a thin dotted line "pack trail" over it and Sunday, thanks to a gps, we followed that line.

It did have a few cairns.

and a little bit of scrambling

and a little bit of pushing

and a little bit of Tourettes  "Really?"

but the thin dotted line did exist on the ground - thinly

and was even rideable in places

and the very big view from the top of the pass was worth it. Wow!!

3 Responses to “Following the Thin Dotted Line”
  1. Ed says:

    I love the exploring nature of your rides.


  2. jerome says:

    talk about epic rides man. Ride safe!

  3. Dave Byers says:

    Note to self: When DH says “I have never been there but I ‘think’ there is a trail…”, pack extra Reeces PB Cups.