For my ridin’ buddies

My favorite ridin’ buddy is in the rider down ranks :( .  I found another, and now he is in the rider down ranks.  I think I’ll ride solo for awhile.

Our plan for the day was to do a Green Valley racecourse lap, then head up Blakes and just keep on rolling into AZ, dropping into Cedar Pockets in the Virgin River gorge.  LW  agreed to pick us up at the river….otherwise this ride as an out and back would be a big’n.  It still turned out rather respectable.

My riding buddies want to know what they have to look forward to the next time they are  healthy.  Here ya go.

There is some climbing.  Do this as an out and back and it’d be a butt kicker!  There is water at Cedar Pockets tho, just bring $2 in case the ranger asks for it.

Top of the last climb

It gets colorful in spots

Joshua tree forests!

And a bit of that “where the hell am I” feeling in places.

This is just to whet your whistle, the best part is left unpublished, so get healthy so we can see it together :)

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