Fresh Tracks

Trail beavers have been busy here in St George recently. Today I went out to a new trail with Joel. The trail-head was tricky to find and I never would have managed on my own – thanks Joel! 5.9 miles of fresh cut single-track courtesy of the BLM with its very own set of cute signs. I guess it is called Barrel Roll. Big thumbs up to Barrel Roll. We did a counter clockwise lap then a clockwise lap. I think it has more flow clockwise but both were fab. Very Fruita-esque trail.

There was very little sign of bikes up there. A coyote had marked up the top of this bush tho’ – cracked me up picturing it figuring out how to lay it right on top of the bush. Must have been a big effort.

The trail climbed up and descended on a rim for a while and had cool big views – I like that. This view is all the way up to Scrub Peak and Hellhole.

A few sections of the trail cry out for maching. Joel just laughs at me when I get a bee in my chamois and have to put the hammer down.

Joel: “You don’t scare me girlfriend. I know all about your type”

Our princess butterfly wasn’t feelin’ the Halloween love at all last night and had no trick or treat mojo at all.

It was all day Halloween love for Wesley starting with the school parade. Lots of princesses and ninjas. He got the ninja moves dialed even tho’ he was banned from taking his bloody knife and mask to school. The scariest part of the Halloween parade was figuring out if some of the adults were in costume or that is what they really look like everyday.