What would we do without them?

When I lived on the north side of Durango I was lucky enough to have some great neighbors.  3 guys in their 20’s, athletic, each very different but all with a quick smile and positive outlook.  Gabe, China, and Chet.  As it goes in this stuck up country we didn’t have a lot to do with each other for several years…mostly cause I was “too busy.”  Last winter after my clavicle surgery it was tough to get much done.  Chet would come over after it snowed, shovel my walk and wipe the snow off my truck.  I never asked, he just did it…

It was hard not to notice the interesting stuff going on next door.  Chet is a sculptor – there were stone heads, wooden signs, all sorts of stuff in their yard.  They all ride a ton.  No racing (right now) but if they wanted to they’d clean up.  The riding they do is more along the lines of pure nuttiness – extracycles with kayaks attached.  Extracycles, wind fairing, with skiis attached and riding to Purgatory 30 miles uphill in winter.  Extracycles loaded with work tools and riding 60 miles to the next job.  Friggin studs all of them.

When it came time to move to St George last week it was a no-brainer to ask their help.  Since all I can carry is crutches, I was gonna need a lot of help.  It was a bigger job than I imagined (I won’t bore you with how much bike shit I have) but these gents hung tough until every last thing was loaded, tarped, tied.  I was pretty speechless at the end of the loading.

Next up?  The 3 musketeers are doing a full ridgeline traverse of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.  30+ days, nearly all above timberline.

The moral of the story here is get to know your neighbors!  I guarantee you have the time.

Here on the St George end I was greeted by local honch Dave H and ace wrench Andy to unload all that stuff.  It took about 1/10th the time it took to load it, thank goodness.  So far I’d have to say this is one friendly town.  Warm, but friendly ;)

Remember Ryan and Hillary who won the mixed field at BCBR? 

They had been planning on going to TransRockies.  However, Ryan just took a nasty spill on that BC terrain, got nasty concussion and jacked shoulder out of the deal – so he’s out for TR and Hillary isn’t looking to replace him (he’s irreplaceable anyway).  There’s no option to get a refund, so if anyone out there is interested in doing TransRockies, shoot me an email (contact me link above & left) and I’ll put you in touch with her.  The event is sold out so this is a great opportunity if you were late to the party and can still make it.

Ryan, here’s to a speedy, full recovery.