Georgia Lemons

Allright, who drugged that sluggish peleton in Georgia today?  With the main group coming in 29 minutes after the leaders of a 13 man break, the race just lost all of it’s suspense.  I’m pissed.  No matter how well my secret heros like Colby, Donald and others do, their efforts are going to be washed away by todays bizarre result. 

Speculation:  the Discos were supposed to be rallying around Tom, right?  All I can think is that Tom wasn’t feeling as snappy as he had hoped and with Brajkovic up the road they blocked instead of chased.  So much for Tom’s ’07 Georgia peach.  Or…maybe this was the plan all along and all eyes were on Tom so the group didn’t feel threatened by Brajkovic?  Yea…right.  That kid’s a ripper, if he doesn’t take the spoils I’ll be surprised.

OK, so this is supposed to be a MTBers blog…but that rant just had to get release.  Today I got a solid climbing workout doing Jones Creek laps.  Yep, that’s right – Jones is mostly dry to about 9k’.  I laid the first tire tracks of the season up there today.  The trail is showing some wear from the fall rains in spots, and a couple of downed trees, but otherwise she’s good to go to the waterfall.  Couple weeks and it should be clear to the top.

This weekend it’s a desert double:  White rim on Saturday, followed by Dewey to Moab on Sunday.  Should be fun, haven’t been to the White rim since it really was white back in January.