Getting Faster

Am I getting faster? I train alone so much of the time and race infrequently sometimes it is hard to tell. One of the beauties of power meters and the scale is their objective opinions. This weekend is the E-12 hour race which I’m doing solo. I’m not peaking for this one but did my regular two sets of 3 X 3 minute intervals I do before a peak race to stay sharp and open up. I did have a huge peak and great race in February at 24 Hours in The Old Pueblo so thought I’d compare the stats.

Here is yesterdays power file. Watts in yellow, speed in blue.

Reps averaged 264/262/256/256/266/260w

Here is February’s

Reps averaged 247/250/253/249/253/254w

Body weight is down too since February so power to weight on average for each interval in February was 4.9 w/kg and yesterday 5.3 w/kg.

Bike weight is down too by about a pound with new pedals, a new fork and a few other lighter parts. I replaced my Fox with a SID World Cup which took about 0.5lb off the front end – very noticable. It is a harsher ride than the Fox for sure but I’m getting good travel out of it. I do miss the stable platform tho’. The poploc is a PIA.

So shucks, I should be fast this weekend :-)