Ghost towns

Conversation with grocery store bagger last night: 

Your’e missing the game!

What game?

(blank stares of disbelief)

Without a doubt, in St George the best time to go shopping is on super bowl Sunday at gametime during a blizzard.  How to be the only male customer in the store for sure.

So who won anyway, and who did they beat??

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  1. While I did know who was playing, I orginally thought the game was last week. I saw 2 minutes of the game which was about how much football I saw all year. Great new site you Dave & Lynda! Good luck in 2008.


    p.s. The Net tells me the Giant won.

  2. C’mon DH, I know you’re a HUGE football fan. you grew up in MI after all.
    Love the new site.

  3. I watched the game. I even had a huge spread planned out. Wings, Fajitas, sodas, cookies, chips and dip and so on. It was a big family bash, more about the food and together time than the game.

    Incidentally, the Giants beat the Patriots.

  4. LOL. JJ and I found King Soopers almost totally deserted last evening, it’s a great time to grocery shop. Then we grilled some steaks, made a salad and ate, sans football.

    We’re so un-American :-)


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