Gila wrap

Tour of the Gila has wrapped up for another year.  I just wanted to give a shout out to the fellas for adding an element of suspense to my surfing the past week.  There were a lot of great performances out there.

  • Ian’s win in the cat 3 TT.
  • Greg’s solid performance every day to finish top 10 overall in the 3s.
  • Brent had 2 6th place finishes in the 3s.
  • Ben made top 10 overall and 3rd on the final day in the sandbagger, er, cat 4/5 field.
  • Miles had a solid ride in his first big race as a cat 2.
  • Andrew rode through what I know was a hard week after racing Bisbee last weekend.  We did that double a couple of years ago and I swore to never do it again.  He didn’t.

Another big ride at Gila – Anthony Colby was sitting between the 8-10 GC spots most of the race but put down a great ride yesterday and leapfrogged to 4th on GC, finishing 2nd on the day @ 3 seconds.  Nick Gould made the top 10 GC in the 2s as well.

Dunno what field he’s racing at the Iron Horse, but I look for Ben to win it, whatever the field…

Quote of the race:  “I wanted to try to do something more today, but I’m over the top of my peak fitness wise, so I was trying to focus on the task at hand.” – Chris Baldwin, GC winner.  Must be tough to only be able to hang on to Moningers wheel when you’re cooked.

Great work gents!