Glory on a bike in Moab

What a glorious weekend to be in Moab on a bike. I’ve ridden White Rim in three days with wine, cheescake and support but never hammered it out in one day. I was salivating on my keyboard when Dave invited me along. Half a dozen phone calls later I’d lined up back-to-back babysitters for the kids – game on! I even got to ride with Greg, Mitch and Dave for a while, so that was cool.

Dave was camera man for this trip so I dragged up an old photo. Here is Musselman Arch – a mere 150 yard detour off the main trail. We all blew past it on Saturday. I think it might be illegal to ride across it, so ya’ll know that is not me in the pic.


Sunday was equally splendid. Primed with a good coffee shop trip, Dave, Mitch and I headed up Sand Flats road to check out a section of Porcupine above the regular route. Mitch did a U-turn after an hour leaving Dave and I out there to ride ourselves silly. Dave was flying! Check out my power file in the file section and see I warmed up at 250 watts looking at Dave’s rear wheel disappear up the road. The new section of Porky rocked. We yo-yoed with some guys on 45lb downhill rigs – 8 inches of travel and 2.7 tires. They rode a few things I had trouble hike-a-biking down.

When we connected with the main trail the “plan” made back at the coffee shop was to cruise back down Sand Flats road to Moab but the full descent down Porcupine to the Colorado River beckoned and we were helpless to resist….

Final tally for the weekend was 138 miles, 5 chocolate fudge pop tarts, 120 oz Gatorage, 5 bags of Clif Blocks, 15 Clif Shots and 10 Endurolytes. I think my teeth are rotting out.