Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument

Not many folks in St George know you can ride there from town… it took me over 5 hours and a whole bunch of climbing. The views are really cool. I rode out Black Rock road, past the Gypsum mine and up over Low Mountain to get there. You can see the road I came in from behind the sign here.

I love funky signs out in the middle of what feels like nowhere. This one is at the bottom of the Low Mtn climb.

Climbing in the desert is deceiving. The views don’t change much but you get up there.

Along this section I fullfilled one of my life ambitions – to see a cat in the wild. It stood on the road and looked at me for about 5 seconds then flashed off into the trees. I must not have looked tasty. It was beautiful, sleek and fast.

I dropped down to Mesquite via Elbow Canyon. Mesquite is 5,000 feet below in this pic and 10 miles away. That’s one screaming descent. It was all love on the Yeti.