Grand Loop do-over

Second chances are a wonderful thing since I rarely get anything right the first go-round.  Usually though, I have to wait awhile for round two.  Not this time.  Just 2 weeks after the solo Grand Loop attempt (where I got stuffed by too much snow), I’ll be lining up at the start of the official event in Grand Junction Friday 6pm. 

Two weeks after a big effort seems to be just about perfect timing for me…I didn’t plan it this way but hey, I’ll take it!  I also have the benefit of learning a lot of stuff in the first try and as a result will be 11-12 lbs lighter overall.  This only equates to a 5% increase in w/kg for total weight at typical enduro climbing power, but I’ll take it.  Every bit helps on a route with 340 miles of difficult terrain and 40,000’+ of climbing.

It is different this time – I’m a bit more nervous, anticipation is thicker.  Maybe cause I have expecations for myself this time.  One thing that hasn’t changed is how much I look forward to uninterupted riding and time under the big blue sky.  Is GDR in my future?  Then what?  Well for now GLR is aplenty.

It’s been relatively cool and it even snowed above 8k since my solo ride…so that snowy section will still be a challenge.  Should be interesting.

The new camera is making the journey with me, look for a colorful update early next week.

Fellow Grand Looper Mr Plesko on Carpenter Ridge.  Chris, we won’t feel quite so fresh this time at this spot…

Until then, check out Fox’s blog for some Utah racer personality interviews, Adam’s ideas for another multi-day route…

Keep ridin’ and smilin.’