guardian angels

mine is a heavy-handed bia-tch at times…must be cause i’m deaf to her subtle messages.

for the final yehaa of the season i went to GJ for the 50/50 – 50 miles mtb, 50 road.  super tough old school mtb course and a climby road route.  bitchin’ concept & event, but hard enough that only a select few finished.  if you finished, props.

a duathlon of sorts.  the transition area:

i was on vacation.  took camera, mp3, enough fluids and food to go a week and planned to get lots of pics of the action.  dang, for so much jeep road, there was no smooth stuff so no pics of action.  my garmin measured an average grade of 13% for a 17 minute techy section, wow.  i was pretty far back but by the bottom of a 2500′ descent was right there…hmmm…suddenly started to get racing fever.  60 seconds later i stacked it big.  garmin says i went down at 24.2 mph.  it was steep, football sized rocks, and violent.  helmet in pieces, left shoulder in most unusual position…

then 2 guys ride up, joel and nate – emt and paramedic.  they helped in ways i can’t even say.  thanks.  all slinged up, the 3 hour atv ride was next.  big thanks to jim and dave anderson for the evac.  dave offered morphine but i declined.  enogh addictions already.

worst part was at the hospital.  pain meds – bad reaction, bp cut in half, pulse aroud 30..”stay with me.  breathe”  these are things you never want to hear from your nurse.

xrays:  collarbone in 6 pieces, not shaped like a collarbone anymore.  prolly need surgery, will find out later today. 

i need a break anyway.  in the future, guardian angel, i promise to be more receptive to your subtlies.