Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody. Here is to a fabulous 2009!

We spent the last day of 2008 in top style. It was one of those days that turned out to flow and be filled with so many perfect moments.

First stop was snow-tubing at BrianHead. It is fast! Fast enough to make me clench!

You sit in the tubes and get towed up the hill. They are bouncy and made us giggle.

It was the first time I have taken the kids to a ski resort and this was a really kind introduction. The sky was bluebird blue all day and there was no wind. The weather was giddy ideal.

You have to ride solo – everybody does, even cute little girls. When we get to the top the first time the runs looked steep and long and fast and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with Emma, go in front, behind etc?? She said going first was good for her, threw down her tube and took off with no hesitation. Fearless!! I stood there and watched my little pink and yellow girl whoosh off at 20 mph with my mouth hanging open. She has game and loves it.

After snow-tubing and some lunch there was still more daylight to burn so we took the sleds over to Cedar Breaks.

They like fast!



How deep is this stuff anyway?

About 5 feetish

Out ma hole. This is ma hole!

You too, out ma hole!

We all have fun in the snow but Emma loves the snow in an intense passionate way I love cycling. I see it in her. It surprises me! She was ready to camp in that hole. “Mommy we are not leaving we are camping here”. I have no doubt there is a lot of snow in her future life. It’s funny how much I love the desert being born in Scotland. I belong in the desert. My heart is in the desert. I see a little flash in her that maybe she belongs in the snow.

4 replies on “Happy New Year”

  1. I agree. Teach that girl to ski and she will thank you for it. Too bad Brian Head is kind of a haul from St. George for any kind of regular attendence.

    It’s great to learn these skills young. But at the same time, youthful exhuberance isn’t always an indicator of future adult tendencies. I was a real desert rat when I was a kid, always begging my dad to take the family camping and hiking down in Arches National Park. I didn’t even learn to snowboard until I was 17, and never had much interest in any snow sports before that. Look how I turned out. :)

  2. a.) maybe keep her away from the big down-hill bikes? b.) you could always send her to colorado for the winter and get her on some skis ;-) looks like a BRILLIANT DAY!!! hope your 1st day of the year was as fabulous as the last ;-) hugs to you all. Jj

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