Happy Thanksgiving

We had a super fine Turkey Day. Fixie Dave came along and took lots of photos. Fixie Dave showed up with gears and a free wheeling cassette!! He did make the most awesome chocolate cake for dessert – yummy.

Dinner was fabulous and we all were over served, especially Dave Harris…

The best part of the day was going riding tho! The original plan was for me to take Emma with the Tag-a-long for a lap on Bear Claw trail. Wes had his new blue bike all ready for it’s virgin ride which freed up his old 24″ red Specialized Hotrock. Emma was determined to ride that! No tag-a-long for her! She barely fits on it.


Wes railed around on his new bike!! It is super awesome!! He didn’t even realize how much faster he was riding and how much bigger stuff he was rolling up and down on it!! He is such a natural athlete and rider. It is a little stunning…

This was the very first time we all got out mtbing together. Kids are growing and we are moving into a new phase of family activities. I am psyched for them!!

..and so on to the next event on the calendar

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