Healing Bizness

It is quite a rollercoaster ride, good – bad – better – awful – repeat. I feel fine for a while but when I slide I go down hard and fast.

Surgery went well and I was rolled out of the OR with my Ti plate at 9pm on Friday evening. The middle part of the bone was so pulverized my doc did a bone graft and some cementing. I’m still fuzzy on the details but did find out the bone grafted came from a bottle and not another part of my body – whew!

I was booted out of the hospital at midnight as there were no beds available – that was a heady ride home with 14 mg of morphine in my veins. I haven’t left the house since and am still wearing pyjamas. I think I’ll get dressed tomorrow. Simple things like taking a shower are a huge procedure. Steve taped a plastic bag over my dressings and washed me. Emma has been helping out too. She took time out of her scootering session to brush my hair.

I haven’t eyeballed my scar yet. It is hermetically sealed under layers of bandages I was told not to pick at. It’s taunting me to peek…

So many folks have stepped in to help me heal it is touching. Wesley has virtualy been living at his pal Luc’s house and been shuttled around by his mom, the neighbours have brought my family cooked dinner, even god sent over some missionaries to clean up my house and say a prayer for me.

Thanks to folks sending flowers, they are all beautiful. These ones sent by the Sorella gals were bustin’ out when I eventually got up on Saturday. They made me smile.

DaveH knows me well and brought over 52 oz of M&M’s (yikes) and 700mb of mp3 files(very very cool). I’ve spent many an hour lying on my back in a pain med induced haze listening. Some awesome new stuff – I love The Cat Empire and some old stuff I haven’t listened to for a real long time – Echo and the Bunnymen. Fab combo.

Steve has a new gal in his life and even with my drama going on I am not his center of attention. He’s been checking I have water and drugs within arms reach then taking his new blow up babe to the lake at every chance. He has big plans for her.