Home Again

I got my favorite riding buddy back. He’s been gone too long.

He claimed to be fat and slow but all I saw was hot and fast ;-) Big numbers flashed on my power meter while looking at this view a lot during the ride…

Our ponies missed each other too

It was cold and windy out today. We found a beauty little sheltered hot spot for our lunch stop.

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  1. We love self-supported endurance races like the 350 mile Grand Loop and 144 mile Kokopelli Trail race holding the men’s and women’s single speed and geared course records for those events along with Rim Ride, Sedona Big Friggin’ Loop and Kaibab Monstercross.

    Do you really hold the mens AND womens single speed AND geared for all of these events?

  2. I had to go find that quote to see where that came from…the wording is somewhat loose. To be more precise it goes like this:

    Lynda holds both for KTR, SS for SBFL, SS for the Kaibab 200 miler (no geared women finished in front of her for either).

    Dave holds both for KTR and GLR; Kaibab (130 miler geared and 200 miler SS) and I suppose Rimride SS not that anyone is tracking it. Ironically, GLR was some 6+ hours faster on the SS.

    Most of these are up at http://www.bikepacking.net/ultra-records/ although they don’t track gearing.

  3. I see one of those bikes has a Powertap – must be Lynda’s? Dave – are you using something else for power measure these days?

  4. Use the force Luke!

    But honestly I have only 1 PT 29er wheel and it’s a PITA swapping from the geary to the SS, so I leave it on the geary for now. I’ve got a PT on the 26er SS. If it’s a key training day on the 29er SS I’ll swap the cassette out for a cog, otherwise fly it blind.

  5. Wow, is that blue sky? I have been living in black and white ever since I got back from Florida 3 1/2 weeks ago.

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