How to lose 6 lbs

Believe it or not, the past year or so I’ve been having trouble with ride nutrition beyond the 8 hour point.  Just like clockwork, at 8 hours the acid gut would show it’s ugly face.  There were some good nutrition threads over on MTBR that led to links for various nutrition products, one of which is Succeed.  I’ve used their electroyte tabs in the past but didn’t know they made drink mixes.  They have a good article on nasuea here.

So I ordered some Amino and Clip2.  The former has aminos added, the latter has complete whey and a touch of MCTs (an easily digested fat source).  Suddenly, I have zero gut issues!  This is huge…it also meant I was eating at an alarming rate last weekend.  My calorie plan for the weekend was 3000 cal + 32 * 350, where 32 was my expected ride time for the double KT and 350 was the number of calories per hour (if you are wondering, yes 14,200 calories is heavy).  As it turned out, I rode about 23 hours, not 32 – and I didn’t finish with very many calories left over.  What a pig!

What does this have to do with losing 6 lbs?  Nothing really ;)  I just wanted to mention the succeed drinks  cause they work so darn well.  Along with the drinks, I could throw most anything down the hatch without any trouble – pizza, dried fruit, pizza…  The 6 lb weight loss happened after eating fast food on the drive home, getting food poisoning, and being thoroughly cleaned out and unable to eat much for 2 days.  Despite how much I was eating out on the trail, I was burning a lot more and always end up with a calorie deficit following big weekends.  I tend to make that difference up on Mon/Tues, but that didn’t happen this time. 

It’s not my first choice of getting down to race weight, but hey, whatever, I’ll take it.