So, you’re fast on a bike and have an ego the size of all outdoors.  If this is you, you need help, the kind Durango can dish out.

The sqwauker classic is this weekend – a 3 stage collegiate road race put on by FLC but open to the public and licensed by USCF.  This am was the team time trial.  We threw a last minute team together with myself, Brent, Greg, and Miles.  The course was a gently rolling out and back (CR 250 for the locals).

I knew it was going to hurt a lot, but that was on tap for today anyway, so what the heck.  My training volume is really high right now which makes it hard to maintain the top end efforts required at the front…pain was everywhere, and tears were falling into my glasses, that’s when I know I’m on the rivet.

So, about 6 minutes from the finish we’re doing a fast rotation, and while I’m up at the front and about to head to the back, I hear something like a muffled helicopter.  What???  Well, that’s the sound of 10 disk wheels piloted by 5 fudge packers led by Deez.  It’s not that we were slow – our average speed was about 28.5 mph – but these guys were hauling a$$.  Greg hates to be passed, and TTT or not, he jumps hard, gets in their draft, and my sorry but is blown off the back before I even know what happened.  Mad but relieved…what can I say?

Pictures were taken but not by me.  Maybe some will get posted (hint, hint boyz…).  That’s enough racing for me this weekend, tomorrow its back to the regularly scheduled program with a 6.5 hour day of climbing, out and back from Dtown to Red Mountain Pass.

Greg, you in?