Humboldt madness

Got a call from Lewis today – it seems there are folks on this team other than Lynda and myself.  Good to know!  Looks like the Durango Posse is coming down for a little bike race near Scottsdale, the Humboldt Mountain RR.  The race finishes with an average of 11% grade for 3.7 miles, but includes a lot of pitches at ~20%.  A lot steeper than Mogollon at the Gila and steeper than the redtail climb.  The race is pretty small so they combine Pro/1/2/3 into a single field.  That should be fun.  Probably mostly Durango folks. 

I rode it Saturday, had a blast.  Here’s some tips for you Durango boyz:

The dirt road is washboardy, about 3 miles worth.  Some downs and ups too.  Make sure everything is tightened down well as it will shake anything and everything loose, including the filling in your teeth.  One guy on the ride had a sweet Madone and had his stem & bars change position on him.  Carry stuff for flats.  They are inevitable on this ride.  It’s a mountain top finish, and tends to be cool up there at 5200, you might want arm warmers or a light jacket for the descent…ahh nevermind.  Showing my soft southern belly.

Gearing:  I averaged a cadence of 67 for 18 minutes of the climb (the steeper part) running a 25.  That hurts, I like to spin at 85+.  Maybe that’ll work for you…a 23 would be cocky, anything smaller stupid.  I’m going with an 11-34, no joke.  Gave this a test run today, works just fine but has some pretty big gaps between gears.

Here’s a pic of the climb.

Great view from the top but I won’t spoil it…

See ya Saturday!