In support of indulgence

Holy crap we leave tomorrow morning in a big ol’ rented RV.  Andy, Cathleen and myself will be joining Lynda in support of her 24 hour Worlds indulgence binge.  It’s all about the last minute details right now…downloading music, packing up the goods, spit shining bikes.  Oh, and cycling batteries for the super special double top secret light setups made especially for the Wurlds course and based on LW’s feedback.  Light levels, patterns, functions all pure custom.  Betcha want some more details, eh?  Ask me next week.

The girl is gonna have some lumens on her side.  We were riding side by side at 5am the other day, she with the custom setup and myself using a NiteRider HID.  She had to ask if my HID was even on!  I told her she’ll know when its night by the temperature change ;)

Yea…guard yourself.

Exciting stuff.  Rumors are floating about the inner circle about top competitors – what they have been doing, what they are doing now.  Juicy.  This is going to be a great show.  My notepad is at the ready.

And training?  I didn’t realize it at the time, but I set a lifetime PB 30 min pnorm in training yesterday and at -20 TSB as well.  I guess that explain my inability to move the next 20 minutes…  You don’t really expect those to keep coming at my age, but there it is.  Limits are self-imposed and I choose not to impose any.  Keep ’em out of your head and your body does the rest.

Best of luck to all those pushing the boundaries this weekend.  May your mojo be full, crack endless.