In the SpotDot club

After much tweaking my set up is ready to go for Dixie Lite . Most recent changes were switching out to a 75mm (shorter) stem and moving a little weight from the seat bag to the front end. When I was descending fast the seat bag was wagging and making my whole bike shimmy – exciting!! It doesn’t do this now with less weight on the rear and more up front.

Specialized Captain up front

I put on my mountain feed bag for a water bottle placement. I have water only in my bladders and wanted a place to put sports drink mixes. When I want to lighten up my front end for hike-a-bikes and deadfall huckin’ it’s easy to transfer the bottle to my pack.

I’ll have a gps and a light on my bars for the race.

Dave Nice unfortunately can’t make the race :-(  BUT I have been given his Spot to use…so I’ll have to find a place, maybe on my bars for the Spot unit too. I’ve made it into the DotSpot club ;-) or is that the SpotDot club…

The race tracker is here

Start time is 8am Saturday morning!

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  1. Lynda…

    I ran my spot inside the helmet flap of my ergon backpack while doing the white rim and it worked flawlessly.

    So FYI, you might not need to “find” a spot for it.



  2. I’ve been watching you guys since friday night. I thought Dave had forgotten his bike. His tracks looked like he was walking. The Hamburger must have helped. He seems to have taken off after a big meal. That’s about the time I’d have gone down for a nap!

    Look forward to meeting you.

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